Saturday, July 25, 2009

Red and a rabbit

This summer I become special friends with a weathered cardinal. He has me trained to feed him and his mate whenever I'm on the screened-in porch for meals. He chirps and circles the porch till I give in and throw out some seed. I feel a little like Snow White with all of the wildlife that comes to dine with me:) I've named him "Red" for obvious reasons and after my grandpa's nickname. Since I am the 17th of 21 grandchildren, I was too young to see his red hair. I had to take everyone's word for it.

The other day I was working on a photography class assignment when Red landed a little over a foot away from me. I couldn't believe that he was so close. Then a rabbit hopped by and stopped about 5 feet away. He sat for over a minute while I finished my assignment. I needed one image that was taken on 7 different settings for our study on white balance. He was a great subject. Only his nose and whiskers moved!


Purplebears said...

Great photos! It makes me want to go buy some bird seed and fill the bird feeder sitting in our garage.

Hey Harriet said...

Lovely photos! You sure have the cutest little visitors! I'd love to have pretty red birds and sweet bunnies popping in on me. They'd be most welcome. Lucky you! :)